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I am Darrel Pontejo, a man of discipline, passion and dedication. My life revolves in three different key roles – an SEO Specialist, a musician and a family man. The life I have is not a joke, it may sound easy but in reality it is difficult and there’s no word for it. The great news was that I was able to manage it.

Your journey to excellence begins with consistent effort

First off, Deeply Rooted Self-Discipline

They say, “Practice makes perfect.”, but who is perfect anyway? Despite the fact that you could really not practice perfection, I make sure to at least maintain and develop the self-discipline that I have in me for a long while now.

As a man of multiple obligations, self-discipline really plays a vital role. However, it is something that is easy to say but hard to maintain everyday. It almost feels like a self-torture that really tests your limit. Not being able to do anything you want because you have to uphold the discipline you instilled in yourself, it gets frustrating, irritating, exasperating and extremely difficult. But for the sake of having an organized and well-balanced life, I have to endure the process to achieve it.

I strongly believe in the power of self-discipline, it almost transcends in everything you do, may it be in your job, creative endeavors, relationship towards people you work with, your connection to your family, and many more. Without it, a person could never become the best version of himself, could have difficulty in working under pressure and finishing it on time. Lastly, without it, family time, career and passion would be difficult to balance.

Secondly, Play Time and Passion in One

Play Time” for me does not mean playing random games online or on mobile phones. We all love finding leisure in something we do, playing games, through arts and crafts, and many other things. Unlike all other citizens nowadays, I am not engaged in any online games nor arts, but I found my soul in playing and making music.

The moment I fell in love with music, it was the turning point of my life. Since then, music has been the best companion I have ever had. Music made me see my vision clearer and intensified my desire to achieve greatness in everything I do. Through learning guitar, bass, and drums, I was able to improve my sense of focus and patience. It helped heighten and strengthen my creativity and capacity to comprehend.

In other words, play time is music – my passion. If you want to take a glimpse of me being a music man just click the YOUTUBE button.

Your Timeless Companion, Harmonizing Every Moment."

And Third, Wearing the Badge of Pure Dedication

Dedication is what you put on the plate if you want to achieve greatness in what you do. It is the intense desire and utmost perseverance to do your job, fueled with devotion of wanting to get a task done no matter how tired and stressed you get. Just like how a famous quote goes, “Winners never quit.”, because quitting on something does not make you relieve. It leaves you the feeling of disappointment and failure that will haunt you because you did not show the dedication it requires of you. And that, my friend, is why I always wear dedication everyday.

What People Say About Me

People say that I am serious, unspoken, and weird at times, but let me clear that up.

Firstly, I am not weird. Maybe you could say that I am different since I see things differently. If it is a negative experience, I take it as a lesson. If it is a failure, I consider it as an opportunity to learn and do more. But this does not make me weird, that’s a fact.

Secondly, I am not a serious type of a person. It’s just that I cannot stand  irrelevant conversations and people who does not make sense. If I encounter a close-minded and pessimistic person, I walk past them and ignore them. But when it involves work, then being serious is the only face I show. Work and outside work are two different sides of a coin.

Setting that aside, I earned my degree in Computer Engineering which puts sufficient knowledge and skills required for this line of work. I am a satisfied and a happily married man with a very lovely daughter. The family I have became my inspiration in doing more and my limitless source of motivation to keep me pushing forward for our future.

As a Man of Music

I found myself strumming the guitar when I was just sixteen. I considered it as my life’s turning point. But choosing to learn music was not an easy path. It required a lot of time to learn the instrument, master the parts of it, and effort to play it right. It was a good thing that I discovered my love for music, it developed a strong dedication along the way. The passion I have and the dedication I developed became my essential tools all throughout my journey as a man of music.

My music journey widened as I played for a couple of bands with different genres such as reggae, alternative rock, R&B, soul music, grunge, punk, and metal. The experience I gained helped me expand my understanding in music, and the impact this craft gave to the world and humanity. I also valued music even more than before as it opened my mind to its vastness, varieties and to how it healed broken souls.

My passion in being a musician led me to being the bassist of a Philippine Metalcore Band – Backstabells and Progressiue Rock Band – Rugi. I also engaged in side projects as a bassist of Pecular, a post-grunge alternative rock band, and as a second guitarist of Remnants of Catacombs, a progressive deathcore band.

I’m available for a session or a short jam together! Feel free to drop a message!

As an SEO Specialist

I never thought that I’ll turn out as a man who would spend most of his hours researching on how to rank a website, understanding the Google Analytics, doing web analysis, optimizing web pages, studying a search engine’s Algorithm, and surfacing almost every concept within the World Wide Web. This is how SEO works, and I am good at it.

  • How did I become an SEO Guy?
    • For eight (8) years, SEO caught my curiosity. I first knew about it when I was in college, from then on, I never stopped learning everything about SEO. This field gave me the same curiosity and interest as music. It was ecstatic, a sudden attraction that unconsciously pulled me and I do not resist as I indulge in this industry.

Just like all other journeys I took, becoming an SEO specialist has a rough path ahead which I never felt ashamed of. Before I became the man I am right now, I started as a Virtual Assistant, a Social Media Marketer, and a Customer Service Representative, and those were enough for me to collect useful knowledge for what I am really intending to be, an SEO Specialist.

  • The Experience I Gained
    • I have worked with numerous clients locally and internationally – doing countless SEO procedures to make their websites rank and become highly visible on the Web. I have also managed various Social Media accounts that showcase various products and services both locally and globally. Aside from doing SEO and Social Media Marketing, I also managed WordPress websites. 
  • The Secret Ingredient
    • People kept on asking me about my secret SEO technique. Of course, I want to help those who wanted to enter the world of SEO and share what I know, yet I cannot tell them everything due to a few reasons. Two of the reasons were, they might incorrectly utilize the knowledge I shared, and the techniques and strategies that I could give them may not work in the next week or next month. The truth is that there is no such thing as constant SEO strategy, but if the learning is continuous and the output being produced is of great quality, then success would surely follow.



This is the preliminary part. This is where you will know the project that you are going to work out, what the client needs, the design, target audience and accessibility of it.

Create Strategy

After identifying the needs of the client, gathering data about the company or product is the next move. This involves developing the company’s vision, and strategy for growth.


This is one of the critical points because after planning, you will now have to build a website which will show the clients what quality of work you provide for them.


This measures the number of visits your website gets which are a result of organic or paid search traffic. You get a great image of your SEO performance through the number of web visits you get.

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